Engineering Year in Review 2014

Every year Kickstarter does a Year in Review post to look at what happened over the year. We highlight exciting projects and milestones, and show you the data from that year. This year the Kickstarter Engineering team has decided to do a mini-Year in Review. We think we had a pretty exciting year: we grew, we shipped awesome product (with a lot more to come in 2015), and we had a lot of fun doing it.

So what did 2014 look like, by the numbers?

  • We started the year with 14 engineers and finished it with 20 engineers (including saying goodbye to three awesome folks).
  • We merged 725 pull requests on the Kickstarter platform.
  • We merged 45 pull requests on our payments processing application.
  • We deployed the Kickstarter platform 9,460 times.

We also deployed some amazing features, changed the way we worked, and did a lot of other cool stuff. Here’s a (small) sample:

  • We rolled out a major update to the look of the Project Page.
  • We hosted Engineering Meetups and the Functional Swift Conference.
  • We created Engineering leads, cross-functional teams, and hired a VP of Engineering.
  • We moved off Amazon and onto Stripe for our payments.
  • We started regular Engineering Hack Days and held another company-wide Hack Day.
  • We added analytics to the emails we send folks.
  • We partnered with Flatiron School to provide resources to students without college diplomas.
  • We created a dedicated Data team.
  • We made it easier for you to discover projects on Kickstarter.
  • We rolled out to a bunch of new countries (including introducing the Fastly CDN to improve international performance and mitigate DDOS attacks).
  • On the security front, we introduced two-factor authentication and converted to 100% SSL to keep y’all safer when using Kickstarter.
  • We extended our GitHub for Poets program to more of the company and had one of our Community team reach 100 commits!
  • We open-sourced our Lunch Roulette algorithm.
  • The White House used some of our code for their Year in Review!

We’ve got lots more planned for 2015 and we look forward to sharing it with you! Happy New Year!

Written by James Turnbull.

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